What Do You Love About Me?

“So what do you love about me?” she asked looking up like she had a million times.

What Do You Love About Me?

There it was. The question that always left me stumped. Not for lack of things to say, you see. But because there were so many that I did not know where to begin. And I told her so.

She looked at me frustrated and said," I am obnoxious. I shout too much, I am a cleanliness freak and I kept you waiting for years. You love all of that?"

“Yes, I do. I love your obnoxiousness. I love the way you tell off guys who are getting ahead of themselves and then turn to little children with stars in your eyes. I love a girl who does not expect her husband to “take care” of her. She can do that for herself because this means you are with me by your choice and not because you need something from me.”

“I love your shouts. It tells me that there are things in life which still excite you, enjoy blowing soap bubbles, dance when she is happy, got excited about books and always crying for toys. I love that the world has not broken you.”

“I love your freaky way of cleaning things. The way you don’t let your books be bent even a bit at the edges. The way you disapprove even a tiny speck of dust on my shirt and the way you flick it away. Yes, I am untidy but then that is why I have you, my lady. So that the balance of the universe would be maintained.”

“I love that you kept me waiting too. If it had happened when I had wanted it to happen, we would have ended up broken. Because I was still a boy, I did not know that with commitment comes the need to follow through. That love is not an end. The story ends on the screen when the boy and the girl fall in love. In real life, that is when the real story begins.”

“So do not ask me what I love about you. You are perfect in your imperfections. Because mine and your fit are like a jigsaw puzzle. You are my missing piece no matter how much the world says you aren’t.”

“Because you are the only girl who had my heart, the whole. Not just the pieces which remained.”