Suicide Trends in India

Suicide has been a complex mental problem that has been lurking around human society for a very long period. However, if we take the focus of the suicide topic towards Indian society, then India holds a prominent position among the suicide cases.

Suicide Trends in India

In the entire Southeast Asian region, India has the highest suicide rate as per the data presented by the World Health Organization. The report stated that India’s rate per 100,000 people is 16.5 suicide. However, India’s neighboring country, Sri Lanka holds the second position.

WHO has stated that around 800,000 people commit suicide every year around the globe. It seems so unreal to believe that so many people end their lives especially in a nation like India where life is celebrated with so much zeal and love.

Regional Suicide Trends in India

The Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department at the King George’s Medical University in the Lucknow province from January 2008 to October 2012 has conducted a massive study on the suicide trends in India.  The report revealed that Lucknow, the capital city of UP has 5204 cases with 2946 male (56.61%) and 2258 female (43.38%) victims. All the victims have been between ages 20 and 60 years with the suicide rates ranged from 21.55 to 24.23 per 100,000 population.

It is shocking to see that the highest suicide rate has been reported in the small union territory, Puducherry at 36.8 per 100,000 people. On the other hand, densely populated Bihar has a suicide rate of 0.8 per 100,000 people.

Reasons by Suicide in India

Taking a decision of ending your life isn’t easy. And, when a person takes such kind of decision, then it’s hard to fathom what goes into the person’s mind. But, some of the common suicide reasons have been –

Depression: Depression is a common reason behind suicide. The severe depression always leads to the self-destruction accompanied by a hopeless environment. Sometimes the pain of existence becomes so hard for the people that ending life looks the best solution. Depression isn’t only the cause of sadness or stress, no sometimes it is just a mental problem that makes fully contended personal to take his or her life.

Illness: Sometimes when people are suffering from the long term chronic diseases, then they develop depression. People think that ending their life is a better option as compared to leading a painful life. In India, 26,426 committed suicide in 2013 because they can’t bear being anymore.

Dowry Dispute: One of the cruel parts of Indian society is the dowry system where the bride’s family has to provide hefty monetary benefits to the groom’s family. And, when the bride’s family isn’t able to fulfill the salvation of the money-hungry monsters, then this develops a dowry dispute. It is a shame for Indian society that every year thousands of people end their lives because of this evil ritual.

Drug Addiction: When people addict their body to a certain drug or harmful substances, then they automatically lose sense over their thoughts and commit some of the evil things like suicide. Drug addiction or alcohol addiction isn’t new in Indian society where every other person addicted to some sort of toxic products. Thus, under the influence of such substances, people commit suicide and end their precious lives.

Fail in Exam: This is one of the prominent causes of suicide among young people. The fear of failing in the examination along with the extreme peer pressure to perform well in the examination has taken the lives of the numerous young minds in India. The fear of failure becomes too intense for the students that they think of ending their lives as the best solution.

Family Problems: Broken homes, heartbreaks, divorces, and other family problems have compelled numerous Indians to take their lives. When the sadness of a broken family or disputes gets too intense for a person, then suicide became the best solution out there.

Steps Taken to Reduce Suicide Rates in India

Failure in love, unemployment, poverty, death of loved ones, bankruptcy and various other reasons are triggering people in India to suicide. But, suicide is preventable. There are plenty of different ways that can be taken to control suicide at various. The numerous government programs and NGOs are initiated to eradicate the concept of suicide from society. However, some of the common steps are –

  • The number of suicide resources like pesticides, certain medicines are banned by the government. 

  • Strict alcohol policies have been implemented in some states such as Gujarat and Bihar. 

  • Official and non-official programs are organized to spread awareness about depression and other acute emotional diseases. 

Suicide is a weakness. There’s nothing worse than ending your own life so along with the government efforts, it is the responsibility of everyone to care for the people with mental disorders and identify signs of depression and help one another.