Empower Your Girl to be Happy and Independent Women

Do you love your little girl? Of course, you do - what kind of stupid question is that. But, you need to ask yourself this question and think about what exactly you are doing to empower your girls so that they can lead happy lives and become independent women.

Empower Your Girl to be Happy and Independent Women

Now, if you are thinking that female equality and women's independence like topics are just social things and you can do nothing about them. Then, my friend, you are very wrong because you make a society. Now, if you teach your daughter to be a happy and independent woman, then she won’t ever have to fight with society to claim her rights.

There are so many little things that you can practice at your home to prepare your girls for the bad and scary world. If you want your girl to rule the world, then you have to empower them first. You can try a few regular things to empower your girls as discussed ahead.

Defuse Disney Syndrome

The best childhood memory of every little girl is when she first watched a Disney princess movie and wished to be swooned by a prince. The princess movies like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin" are the most favorite movies of all the girls. But, before you introduce your girls with the princess movies, you need to check whether they pass the Bechdel Test or not. This test is based on the three questions -

  • Does the movie have strong two leading female characters?

  • Do female characters talk to one another?

  • Apart from the men?

If a movie doesn't answer these three questions, then the movie won’t send a powerful message to your girl. Now, you don’t want to give a message to your little girl that she needs to be rescued by men or anyone else and her only purpose in life is to look pretty. No, she is self capable and can rescue herself and mostly she can be rescued by another woman also. So, when you are trying to raise an independent woman, then protect her from the Disney princess syndrome. But, today Disney is trying to present the image of strong and independent women through movies like "Frozen" or "Moana/Vaiana".

Raise a Queen - not a Princess

To prepare your daughter for a prosperous future, you have to raise her like a queen, not as a princess. There’s a huge difference between a queen and a princess. Princess is a girl who knows that she will achieve her dreams, but she is nowhere near achieving her dreams. She has power but she doesn’t know how to manage it. She cries she stomps, she throws tantrums and yet finds her way.

But, on the contrary, the queen is a perfect example of wisdom. She has earned her serenity, not having had it bestowed on her but having passed her tests. She has suffered and grown more beautiful because of it. She knows how to sacrifice for others and lead a legendary life. You need to show the difference between queen and princess to your girls so that they can select whether they want to be a princess who is still achieving her goals or a queen who has passed all the tests to reach her goals. 

Stand Up for Yourself

You need to prepare your girl to stand up for herself. Sibling fights are very common in households and if ever your girl turns up to you for help in a regular sibling fight, then you have to clearly convey her to fight for herself. This might look a small step, but this step can make a great difference in your girl's life. She will learn to fight her battles and win them as well.

She will understand the value of struggle and never look for help. This will show your girl how competent and powerful she is. And, it is the first step to empower your girl.

Don’t Compare Yourself

This is a very common lesson that you need to make your girl understand - she is more unique than her sister, friends, and all other females. Her skin, color, and intelligence are different from others. And, she should never compare herself with anyone else. The appearance has been a great problem among ladies and you need to pull this complex out of your baby girl by telling her the meaning of uniqueness.

She is different because she is special. And, she needs to respect her uniqueness and never compare herself with anyone in any way. Because comparison is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence.

It is not hard to empower your girls to be happy and independent women. Just make her realize her inner strength and give her encouragement to fight for her rights. When you start giving small lessons to your girls in the home, then they will surely rule the world.