Depression brings with it an avalanche of guilt

Earlier, the word depression didn't use to hold a lot of gravity and was used in a free-flowing manner. Feeling depressed was equivalent to feeling momentary sadness which would pass in a flicker. However, the magnanimity of depression has intensified over time. In fact, it is equated to being mentally unhealthy, which can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

Depression brings with it an avalanche of guilt

Mental health became such an important issue that the World Health Organization actually included it in their theme for 2017. The worst part about mental health is that it doesn't show. Like a cut or an abrasion that has a physical representation and which you can specifically treat, mental problems like depression can hide behind the veil of laughter and positivity.

There are hardly any changes in physical appearance. People really close to the people succumbing to depression have told that they had no idea about it as the individual was doing everything normally. This is partly due to the fact that people tend to hide how they feel as well. There is a certain dogma in society that people with mental issues are actually labeled as being mad. Naturally, individuals don't want to come out and express themselves. The bottled up emotions are even more dangerous and it further extrapolates to irritability and snapping at people. Relationships are at stake and it becomes worse by the day. There might be many causes of depression which need to be identified prematurely so that proper steps can be taken. Most of the time it is related to some personal issues and career or work-related problems come a close second.

There is no denying the fact that almost every individual, at some point in life, faces hardship due to the above-mentioned reasons. It is all dependent on how one copes with it and not everyone's the same. The going can get really tough but spiraling into depression or having suicidal thoughts are definitely not the way to deal with it. It is always better to have someone to talk to if a situation arises. There have been incidences where only communication has been really helpful in getting one out of depression. It can be a close family member, friend, a counselor, a therapist, a doctor anyone the individual is comfortable with. The listener should also be a keen one and should assure the sufferer that help can be provided in any way possible to get him or her out of the dire situation. Being angry or condescending will definitely not serve the purpose here. What you need to understand is that a person who is in a depression and not a very healthy mental state will not be thinking straight or practically.

This is a very important consideration when dealing with mentally compromised individuals, especially in this aspect. There are so many cases of suicide due to depression. Most of them could have been avoided by proper expression of thoughts and resorting to some form of help whenever possible. There are even pharmacological approaches that are viable in the treatment of depression. This is mainly through mood-lifting drugs that have the ability to stimulate the nervous system and help you come out of the state.

However, that is a completely different entity that will need a lot of thorough discussion for proper understanding. What is mainly discussed here in detail is the effect that depression has on a person. It is broadly classified as the physical effect and the psychological or emotional effect and it goes without saying that both of them are equally destructive. Speaking about it from an emotional viewpoint, the various effects of depression include-

Increased guilt for sour relationships

A person might be in depression but that does not really blind his or her cognitive ability. They still have the understanding that they are actually spoiling the relationship that they have with others due to this. This leads to an extreme form of guilt wash over you. You realize that you are not available for the people who really care for you. It seems a little uncontrollable though. It feels like you want to move around and make your presence felt but there is some leaden weight that is actually holding you down. One of the most common side effects that this has is the fact that you start forgetting significant stuff about important people like their birthdays, anniversaries etcetera.

Another common aspect that is responsible for causing problems in the relationship is sleep deprivation that is generally associated with depression. This can make you cranky and rude to people who are close to you. If you were someone who loved to go out with people you will not want to step out of your house now. You will tend to cancel plans, some of them being yours itself. Like mentioned before, the worst effect that depression can have is spoiling your relationship with others. Life is very uncertain and having someone to confide in and talk to makes the journey much easier. However, when you are depressed, it seems like you don't value that person's involvement in your life anymore and this can, in turn, make you feel all the sadder.

Thus, a vicious cycle is started at this expense and the implications of it are not at all healthy. What you need to keep in mind is that these relationships can actually be your way out of the depressive slump. You can keep a clear room of communication open with all of them and talk and discuss the things that you are going through. You will feel much better after doing so like a big burden is off your chest. They will also be able to help you deal with your problems more effectively.

Feeling guilty for not being up to the mark

You are more prone to drown in self-doubt when you are depressed. The goals and objectives that you set for yourself earlier when you were better, become very hard to achieve. You keep feeling guilty for not being to reach the potential that you are capable of. This is further enhanced when you see your peers and friends succeed in life and have everything figured out. You need to consider the fact that everything that you see in social media is not true. Everyone presents the best version of themselves online. Moreover, you are not really competing with anyone but yourself. You should strive to be better than you were before.

Depression can act as the perfect spoilsport in this situation. The ability to think things up with the right mind is jeopardized and things which you could do without putting many efforts before can become a big deal now as your brain gets all fogged up. It is very important to be practical at this stage. If you are depressed, things will be difficult for you. It is also not possible to get rid of your mental health issues overnight. So the only plausible way of dealing with it is to reassess your goals and bring it down a notch so that it becomes easier to achieve. It will not only help maintain your self-esteem but also help you feel competent when you cross the small obstacles first. This is a potent method of fighting against depression as well.

Feeling guilty over having depression itself

The worst part about depression is that it has the potential of starting a vicious cycle. You feel really bad about being depressed itself and hopelessness tends to wash over you. You will start thinking that you are not capable of getting help from anyone and this will drop you further down the abyss of sadness. Sometimes, you might be thinking that your problems are not the worst and others are going through more difficult times. You start hating yourself for being the way you are and would want to stop all of it in a moment.

This is exactly when suicidal thoughts start coming into your mind and you move one step closer to the edge. It is very important that you become self-aware at this point. You should be able to identify the moment when things get this bad and take immediate steps about it. For example, if you have a fever or a cut, you consult a physician immediately. Similarly, when you have an issue related to your mental health, you should approach the right person at the right time. A counselor is a very good option in this situation. However, you might not be comfortable in speaking out at first.

Having a confidante who will hear you out completely, understand you tell you about the right thing to do will also be extremely helpful. If you are not strong enough to go to a counselor yourself and want someone to accompany you, don't hesitate. It is very normal to feel this way and it is okay to seek help whenever and wherever possible.

Feeling guilty for not being able to recover fast

This is the stage that comes after you approach a counselor or tell your friends or family about the situation that you are in. They might be trying to help you with depression but it might not really be working initially. It is during this period that the self-doubt creeps in again. You feel guilty for not being okay fast enough, despite the best efforts of everyone around you. Others have an important role to play here but it is you who needs to be positive during the whole ordeal.

You should be able to accept the fact that some people might not be healed by the conventional way and newer or different techniques of treatment can be advocated for the same. Though it is based on a little bit of trial and error, it will work eventually. No matter how much time you take, once you initiate the process of healing, you are going to be okay soon, more often than not. The self-belief is an important factor here.

These are some of the guilt and negative impact that depression can have on a person. It is very important that you understand that depression is a mental state of mind. It is not really your fault. You did not want it. The situations are to be blamed and once things become better, it will also change. You should not fall down an avalanche of guilt at any point in time as the adverse effects of it are too hard to bear. On one hand, you should be strong enough to fight against adversity and on the other hand, you should shower yourself with enough kindness because that is exactly what you deserve.

Depression is not permanent. Yes, it is extremely toxic and can even turn out to be fatal in some cases. However, if the right intervention is given at the right time, in the company of your loved ones, the fight becomes easier and convenient.