7 ways to live a more interesting life

You must have heard of the age-old saying that today is the youngest that you will ever be and the oldest you have ever been. Life is all about perspective. You actually have the choice to either do something in life and make it big on some stage or just let it pass by and die without making a difference.

7 ways to live a more interesting life

You need to ask yourself a question. Is your life interesting enough that if someone reads a book on it, they won't be able to keep it down?

If your answer is no, there is definitely a need to change your approach towards life. Here are 7 different ways of embarking on the journey to make your life more interesting and worth living.

Don't be fearful

Fear has the ability to generate inhibitions in a person and keep them tied to a place from which it becomes very difficult to progress. Embarrassment, failing, being turned down are few of the aspects that make a person fearful. None of it is worth it though. Once you let go of the fear, you will be able to take the bull by the horns and face any challenge in life. If something has been holding you back, let go of your fears associated with it and face it. What is more amazing is the fact that the thing that you were scared of the most might turn out to be something very simple and easy.

Keep the inner child in you alive

There is no denying the fact that childhood is one of the best phases of one's life. As a person grows older, they shoulder responsibilities and get pulled down by all the pressure surrounding them. Despite all this, an inner child survives, one who is playful, carefree, not afraid to run, fall, dust-up and start running again. This child will help you navigate through the difficult moments of life and keep your life interesting, so don't lose it for any reason.

Be Outgoing and Interact

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet and many of them have many interesting stories to tell. Shed all inhibitions and stop being an introvert, however difficult it may be. Once you open the doors and let more people come to you and also approach people, only then you will be in a position to make your life much more interesting than before. 

Don't be scared of trying out different things

There must have been some things in your life that have intrigued you badly but you have been too scared of the consequences and not tried it at all. Though it is a natural thing to do, you can progress much further if you let go of it. You should try almost everything in life, of course within boundaries and limitations, and not live to regret all the missed chances.

Look for independence

Being independent makes you responsible. If you have been relying on your parents or a guardian to get on with your life, it is time to put a foot down and get a grip. Think of ways that you can become independent, both financially and as a person and you will look at life differently.

Don't follow others

This is the biggest mistake that most people do. Just because someone walked on a path and experienced success, it does not guarantee that the same will hold true for you as well. You are unique and have your own journey to cover. Find your own path and quit following others and your life will become better instantaneously.


Last but not least, travel. There are so many places to see, sights to behold, cultures to learn and people to know. Traveling is a different exhilarating experience in itself and once the bug bites you, there will be no stopping you. Moreover, life will become much more sorted when you find yourself amidst the journey.

More than anything else in life, you need to be happy. Only when this basic emotion is satisfied will you be able to venture out further and take the necessary steps to make your life more interesting. So, look for that elixir and lead a life more fulfilling and enriching.