7 facts you don't know about Pablo Escobar

Criminal notoriety and the name Pablo Escobar are unanimous with one another and rightly so. This drug lynchpin from Columbia amassed a large amount of money and used it to fund his other illegal activities. He was not only famous for his misdeeds but also his involvement in other sectors like politics and social service activities. Police from multiple countries tried to apprehend Pablo but all in vain.

7 facts you don't know about Pablo Escobar

In the end, he was killed by a police task force itself, though there are controversies over who put a bullet through him. Despite being such an infamous criminal, there were certain things that he did, which showed that he had some humanity left in him. People don't know much about this side to him well.

  • He was like a real-life Robin Hood for the poor people of Columbia. He contributed a lot for their welfare like building schools and hospitals, availing them of proper medical facilities, building churches and many others. He even gave away a lot of cash to the people in need. This made him a local favorite among the people and they revered and respected him even more. Probably this was one of the reasons that he had many spies among the general population who would keep informing him of the police movements prematurely.

  • Pablo Escobar was tagged as the most wanted criminal by the Colombian government and they wanted to arrest him badly but he constructed his own safe house kind of jail and no one access to it. As compensation, he offered to clear the complete national debt of Columbia of $10 billion in one go. The condition obviously wasn't accepted by the Government as they could not be funded by someone who was under the radar.

  • While Pablo was on the run along with his family, they had to spend a night outdoors. His daughter fell really sick during that time and needed some immediate care. The only way to keep her warm was to light a fire but there was no plausible thing around. So Pablo set alight almost $2 million to keep his daughter warm at night.

  • He used to stack houses with money by putting it in the wall, floor, ceiling etcetera. Any time, for any reason, if any of the houses got damaged, he would lose millions of dollars. He lost $500 million a year by rats gnawing and damaging his money but that did not bother him much.

  • The amount of money he was making during that time can be judged by the fact that he would have to buy rubber bands worth $2500 per year in order to stash his money correctly. At that time, rubber bands hardly cost a penny so the aforementioned amount goes on to show how many of it was needed and how much money he had.

  • Pablo really cared for his family from the bottom of his heart. He bought almost 20 square kilometers of land for them and build them houses and playgrounds and other amenities so that they could live a life king-size. He even had a zoo with exotic animals for the kids and trained egret birds in such a way so that they would all sit on one tree. He spent millions doing it.

  • Forbes magazine estimated his worth to be around $30 billion. This made him the 7th richest person in the world. However, Pablo's son said that the number was very inaccurate and there was no way of estimating his net worth as he had money in many places that had not been discovered yet.

Pablo Escobar was responsible for 80% of the cocaine distribution and had to walk over many bodies to achieve that. He was a shrewd man with a proper business mind and police still consider killing as the biggest manhunt in history.