15 Reasons Most Men Can’t Handle a Strong, Independent Woman

It’s easy to spot an independent, strong woman walking down the street. We hold our head a little higher and have a certain vibe that no one can ignore!

15 Reasons Most Men Can’t Handle a Strong, Independent Woman

There are women who got their shit together and there are others waiting for their chance to shine. So, what separates these two kinds? The strong from the weak? The peak from the blood? The happy from unhappy?


Strong independent women depend on themselves to make their life what they want it to be and they are happier, more successful, and let’s admit it: we all admire them.

So on the off chance that you are looking to kickstart your life to the next level, consider what stepping outside your comfort zone into the unknown world BY YOURSELF might do for you, and your life.

  • She takes herself out for a meal: Hell yeah! Taking yourself on a dinner date: We love to enjoy our meal on our own, right? We really don’t need a company every time we go out for lunch or dinner. People need to understand that it’s not a girl waiting for a man to join or to seek attention. Hell yeah, it makes us confident.

  • She’s always on the go: Girls, remember how some men wait for one reply? Still don’t give a damn! Stay busy exploring places and meeting new people! There’s no need for a charming prince to come. Just live your life to the fullest. Mr. Right will catch up eventually.
  • She doesn’t hang out with needy people: Clingy, needy people are not on our radar because we like to keep them out of our life. We need relationships that feed our soul, not suck the life out of them.
  • She breaks away from the crowd whenever possible: Admit it, crowds are not less than herds. And guess what does the herd do? Yeah! You’re thinking right. That’s why a strong woman breaks away from the crowd whenever they can because we know that the action isn’t happening where the people are: it’s happening where the locals are. This is especially true of high tourism areas around the world. Want to live a different life? Live it away from the crowd.

  • We’re happy to pay bills: Dinner with friends? Sounds great. We are always happy to pick up the tab for a meal. We got our act together and never stay back when it comes to taking care of our people. Funny enough, this does make a few men insecure.
  • We need a man, not a grown-up boy: No matter how strong and independent we are, we always need a partner to be our side, but yes, not anyone fits. We look for a soulmate, not a teenage love. Someone who will see and treat us as their equal and respect that we have our own life to live.
  • She knows her worth: Even if people don’t see it, we know what we bring to the table and yes, we are not about to let anyone tell any difference. Some will love us for it and some will hate us, but don’t try to care either way.
  • She loves to travel alone: Cannot deny this! It’s the basic and easiest way to get one step closer to become a strong and independent woman. Having a partner isn’t necessary for a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a road trip or seeing the sights on your own lets you ponder your thoughts, soak in the experiences, and not worry about entertaining others along the way.

  • She doesn’t put up bullshit from people: Whether it’s a husband or some stranger, we don’t take crap from anyone. Life’s too short to let others dictate how we need to live our life.
  • Her goal comes first: This is something most of the girls ignore due to lack of confidence or maybe for the sake of a few relationships. A happy woman will always put her goals above all else. She won’t pander to others who need her attention because they can’t get their own act together.
  • She can spoil herself: Strong, independent women are mostly underrated! Why? Because people think we want them. But not actually, we like to buy our own things and show the world that we don’t need anyone to buy it for us. Sure, it might look like extravagant spending to some, but it’s self-love through and through.
  • She buys herself gifts: It feels good when we receive gifts, but we love to reward yourself for hard work and special. After all, the longest relationship we will ever have is the one we are in with ourselves. We don't need a man for gifts. Shouldn’t we treat ourselves with kindness and love the way we want others to treat us?

  • She doesn’t need anyone: You might think a life of solitude is lonely but an independent woman doesn’t have to spend her life alone. We don’t like to attach our emotions to everyone around us. Remember, soulmate? Yes, we are old souls.
  • She knows what she wants: Whether we share our dreams with the world or not, we know what we want in life and are willing to go after it, no matter what.
  • She doesn’t say she’s sorry: We don’t make apologies for being this way. We choose to live like that. If you don’t like it, believe me, we really don’t care.