15 Non-Inspirational (But Great) Lines from Good Books

Okay, fine. Some are inspirational.

15 Non-Inspirational (But Great) Lines from Good Books

There are lots of articles with inspirational quotes out there on the Interwebs, but I wanted to write an article with quotes that just celebrated words. So, while, yes, there are inspirational quotes in this piece, there’s also more. And I didn’t pick anything that didn’t make my heart feel like it was going to beat out of my chest.

Here are fifteen quotes I think you’ll enjoy, whether you’re a writer or reader.

I’m sorry, but this is the cutest line. Adam Moynihan, one of the sixteen-year-old protagonists says this line after he’s introduced Jolene, the other main character, to an old friend. And I mean, damn if we all haven’t thought this at some point or another.

Women are underestimated. Teenage girls? They’re not even looked at, much less taken seriously. They (mostly men, but also women) overhear a girl use the word, “like” a lot while sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino, and they assume she’s soft and maybe even a little dumb. Society doesn’t expect teenage girls to be powerful, intelligent, and confident. But they’re a lot more badass than they’re given credit for.

This book has so many great lines, so many inspirational ones that I want to be tattooed all over my entire body, but I had to choose this one because I remember laughing when I read it. Matt Haig, or rather the protagonist Nora, spoke a truth most of us are unwilling to admit: we’re not actually as confident, as unafraid, as bold as we say we are. But who said that was a problem?

The best part about this line is that you can feel it. And I love it when you can feel words.

Another line you can see and feel, but this one’s epic because Samantha Mabry used it to describe a character. And who knew that comparing a human to a fan could tell you so much about a person?

I just had to add a second quote from this book because this line is everything. How relieving is it to know that everything you feel isn’t something you feel because you did something wrong? You’d feel this at some point even if all your dreams come true because you’re still human. It’s hard to regret the choices in your life when you think about it this way.

If this were a text message I would say Oof. But this is an article and I’m more professional than that, so instead I’m going to say — I’m just kidding. I’m not more professional than that: Oof.

I ran to my kitchen right now and threw plates on the ground (no I didn’t) to see if it sounded like laughter, and I can confirm (no I can’t) that this is an accurate description of laughter. In all seriousness, there’s a reason Sandra Cisneros and this book are as famous as they are. Just look at that writing.

You can’t say it’s not true. It’s one thing to take pictures to look back at one day. It’s another to take pictures solely to share with other people on social media. But aren’t the best days when you’ve forgotten to pick up your phone because you were having that great of a time?

“Tiny water bombs” is the best way I’ve ever seen rain described. I feel like I’m watching a movie, and they’ve just zoomed into the raindrops, and now we get to watch them hit the ground in slow motion.

This just makes me feel so many things at once.

I can’t help but laugh every time I read this quote. How many times have you been able to relate to this? You have this idea, and you feel the roar inside of you, but all of a sudden you have a metaphorical microphone in your hand, and you can’t even open your mouth. You drop it and run off the stage. I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious.

Do you know what I love about Backman? Everything. Literally everything.

I love how clear this image is in my mind. I don’t just see someone who’s always moving, but someone who’s a light in life. Someone who’s always grinning and on to something. And all it took to see that picture was talking about ants and rocks.

I wanted to end this on a little reminder. Something you can carry in your back pocket as you get on with your day. Because this isn’t just a celebration of random words put together, but books. And books are some of the best ways to dream a little bigger.

What I’m getting at is this: drop everything and go read a book.